Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Today's uploads and the upcoming schedule!

Cheers everyone,

happy to spread some more good news. First and foremost it seems that the schedule that was announced towards the end of last week has been kept. See here what has been added:

Compilation of recently added songs. Thanks to DjPelle for pasting it all together!

While that should be great for all of us, there currently is still a catch to all of this:

  • as of now, the cross-buy functionality does not work, so players that previously owned these songs can not redownload them for free. We hope that, as last week, this issue will be fixed during the day.
  • players that did not own these songs before might want to wait a few more weeks until all of the underlying packs have been uploaded to get a better value for their money.
That brings us to the second announcement. RS2014 ComDev D. Amrich announced what can be expected for the coming two weeks:

Release Date Artist
08. Apr Queen Song Pack
08. Apr Foo Fighters Song Pack
08. Apr Iron Maiden Song Pack
08. Apr The Offspring Song Pack
08. Apr Green Day Song Pack
08. Apr Weezer Song Pack
08. Apr blink-182 Song Pack
08. Apr The Doors Song Pack
08. Apr Fall Out Boy Song Pack
08. Apr The Police Song Pack
08. Apr Disturbed Song Pack
08. Apr 3 Doors Down Song Pack
15. Apr Pearl Jam Song Pack
15. Apr The Black Keys Song Pack

That should be especially nice for players that did not own any of the legacy DLC yet. We hope that SCEE and Ubi keep working on catching up, an maybe release another big batch of songs soon!

Of course we will give our (this time quite positive) feedback on the blog!

EDIT: Use our blog-comment to ask SCEE to fix the remaining cross buy issues!

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