Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It works! + 1 FREE Song

Hey everyone,

I'm happy to have some mostly good news to spread:
  • The announced batch of legacy DLC seems to be online and available.
  • In this case, "available" also includes previous owners, meaning that (according to Ubisoft forum users) this time there are no cross buy issues and previously purchased songs can now be downloaded to your PS4, even if you're European or Australian. :)
  • Maybe a mistake, maybe a compensation, but you can currently purchase and download Be Yourself by Audioslave free of charge (might be time-limited, hurry up!).
  • As of now does not seem as if the persisting cross buy issues from the April-1st Update have been fixed. Let's keep fingers crossed this is done in the course of the day.
Feel free to update me anytime if something changes! As always, we'll hit the PS-Blog later, this time to express some gratitude, but also to remind SCEE of the remaining cross-buy issues. Join us and support the first RS2014-related post!

Apparently not all songs are completely free of cross-buy issues. Please check the Ubisoft forums thread (Pages 95 to 97) to see whether users have reported problems with one of the songs you might be interested in.

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