Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Store Update 2015/04/08: Packs but no cross-buy-fix

A short information for all fellow Rocksmiths out there. Today's PSN-Store update brought the previously announced packs. Sadly, the cross-buy-issues with the 60 or so recently added legacy DLC songs persists. So, owners of the PS3-versions are still asked to pay for the content they had purchased before.

If you feel as disappointed about this lack of thoroughness as I do, support our blog-comment, our forum post at the PS-forums or tweet with Hashtag #RSDLCScandal.

If you're new to this mess, check out a wrap up of what is going on here. Best source of information is Ubisoft's RS2014 ComDev D. Amrich. He usually posts any updates he can give into this thread at the Ubi-forums.

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