Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hey folks,

good news that might have already reached you:

I was just coming in here to post what you already know. The last two Rise Against songs were posted today. This is the end of the missing content. PS4 EU is finally up to date with PS4 US. 

Our team is still looking into the import pack, as we know some people are having trouble with that disappearing on them, but that data has been on the servers so we know it's there. It's just not displaying. So that's what we're trying to figure out now. 

I cannot thank you enough for all your patience, your awareness, your understanding, and most of all your clear communication and feedback. Being able to pop into this thread and see exactly which tracks were missing, mis-priced, or otherwise misaligned has been a great help, especially since I am working so far from the team that is actually implementing the changes. Your help has been invaluable and I deeply and truly appreciate it.

posted by the one and only Dan Amrich on the Ubisoft Forums

Thereby, with exception of some minor issues, the European PSN Store is up to date on Rocksmith content. It was a long journey and I'd also personally like to thank my fellow Rocksmithians, the Ubisoft team and yes, even the SCEE team for the effort they put into resolving this issue.

Happy to say that this Blog's over. Cya! :)

PS: It had to be post Nr. 1337 to bring the good news, right? ;)