Thursday, March 5, 2015

Content not yet submitted / not yet gone through the usual process?

As a response to our latest comment fireworks on the EU PS blog, blogger Jawad was so kind to give us a statement regarding the missing DLC content. It reads:

"With regards to Rocksmith content, content purchased on PS3 should be available to PS4 users. This is of course based on what Ubisoft have currently submitted to us. If anything is missing then it has yet to be submitted/go through the usual process before it can be published.

I hope this answers the main question."

Considering that the delay by now amounts to four months one has to wonders what is keeping the content from going through the "usual process". Nevertheless we have got a written statement by Rocksmith 2014 ComDev that Ubisoft has submitted all the content at launch of the game and that should rule out the first alternative.

Statement of RS2014 ComDev Dan Amrich in the Official Ubisoft Forums

Statement of PS-EU blogger Jawad Ashraf on the current Store Update post

Therefore one can only assume that it is stuck in the (queue for the) SCEE uploading process. Our questions to Sony now are:

  • What is the reason for this delay?
  • More importantly, when will the content be uploaded?

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