Thursday, March 12, 2015

Indications of Progress

As we have learned from Rocksmith2014 ComDev Dan Amrich, we might be expecting some more Rocksmith2014 Legacy DLC in next week's update. Also he mentioned, that we might be getting some sort of schedule on the matter.


Internally, I am happy to report that we have a better dialog going. We are revisiting the remaining DLC with the Ubi EU team and working out a fresh schedule for its release. Then our EU team can work with SCEE to create a schedule.

If the content needs to be resubmitted, we will resubmit it. I have been told that the DLC data packages that we (Studio SF) deliver for posting in the EU are still good to go and do not need to be rebuilt on our end. Any balls that have been dropped by Ubi on either side can and will be picked up, if that's the case, but we will still need to work within the SCEE workflow."

"OK -- legacy PS4 DLC tentatively slated for March 18 should be the Killswitch Engage and Alice in Chains packs. That's not much of a schedule, as it's really just one week into the future, but we are looking at the remaining DLC and will hopefully have something more comprehensive soon."

I personally am happy that we seem to be getting somewhere. Still I am a bit disappointed with the size of the the improvement: Killswitch Engage and Alice in Chains songs are already available as singles, so it is merely a monetary thing.

Let's just hope that this is just the (second) warm up.

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