Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Store Update 2015/03/04: Nothing!

Dear followers, as most of you already know, today's update did not yield any legacy content for Rocksmith 2014. On the plus side, we managed to put our claim in as the first comment to their announcement. That should make it even more difficult to ignore our questions.

Be sure to head over to the PS-EU-Blog and leave your vote and comment. Also tweet links to the comment or this blog with hashtag #RSDLCScandal. Just remember: [facts + politeness] > [insults + ranting]

UPDATE: This time at least we got a reply from Jawad. It does not say much, but he might at least mention our questions SCEE-internally. A step forward, imho. Keep going, everyone!

Reply by one of the main bloggers from the PSN Store Team (SCEE)
Other than that the response from the RS-community was great. Lots of upvotes and comments on the PS-Blog, retweets, views on the blog, reddit comments. Keep this going and participate in our weekly appearance on the EU-Store-Update post and I'm positive that we'll get somewhere with this.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Found you're blogpost online and have reported on it through out website.

    1. Hey Tom (I guess)! Thanks for the support. Let us know if, during your research, you come across anything that should be added or corrected on this blog.